Tuesday, June 12, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Pattern!

Well I am SO far behind on this challenge, it ended nearly two weeks ago. Kudos to Kelsie and Stephanie for finishing on time and posting everyday! I thought I was prepared for all the manis but…well…obviously that was not the case. While I enjoyed doing the challenge, I felt too rushed and would do mani after mani after mani, sometimes 5 a day…This way I get to enjoy my mani a little longer. This one I am pretty proud of. While it’s not perfectly polished, I think I captured my inspiration pretty well. I have seen lots of owl manis and many are wayyyy better than mine, but I still think its cute. :) Warning there’s lots of pics in this post!
The Pattern for my inspiration comes from my Nook Tablet skin. I love little owlies, they have become pretty popular lately. I just love this, every time I look at it!DSCF1192DSCF1184
And, the mani!
And two more:
Thank you all for reading!


  1. This is so cute! You're so talented! x

  2. thank you for the nice comments girls! XD

  3. Cute! There is a stamp in the new Bundle Monster set that looks almost exactly like that skin.

  4. Hey=] I've given you a Liebster on my blog!

  5. Hi Erin! This is so good looking and very well done! :D

    I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award! :)Check it out in my post


  6. This is soo cute! I wanna squeeze these little guys. I did a mani with a MASH owl face stamp and it was a favorite of mine!


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