Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nude with Neon!

The China Glaze Diva Bride is probably my new favorite nude. It's not too pink, not too white, not too peachy. 

So here's what I did yesterday:
 I used China Glaze Neon colors (with a cameo by this Sinful Colors neon) and striped them with tape. I got a little frustrated because they took so long to dry, so the tape seriously smudged them and in places, ripped part of the polish off. I had to touch up all the stripes by hand and they looked awful. I put a coat of Sally Hanson Disco Ball over them, and it improved the appearance immensely.

 I had a lunch interview with a recruiter so I wanted simple, with a subtle kick. 
 Not my favorite on my toes because I got a little sloppy with the stripes. My feet are in desparate need of some TLC, they are SO DRY. 

Chewing on her bone while Mom takes pictures.

Since my lunch interview was a success, and the restaurant was near the mall, well....OF COURSE, I had to sneak into Sephora. They have tons of products influenced by Pantone's Color of the Year, which is a gorgeous orangey-red. I got some great goodies which I will share tomorrow. :)

Thanks for reading!

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