Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hello all! 

My name is Erin and this is going to be my little blog about my beauty escapades.

Recently I have been becoming more and more interested in nail art/nail design.  I already have a nail polish obsession and most of the supplies I need, so its time to cultivate it! Instead of clogging my Facebook page with pictures of my nails, this will be my outlet. I don't expect to get many readers or followers, but this will be my little space for documenting all of my attempts, and also any cool products or tips/tricks I learn.

 From reading other nail blogs, I've noticed that most of the lovely ladies do their nails daily. It takes me so long to do a decent mani, that I will probably only have one or two a week to share. I attend grad school at night and work full time, so trying to achieve the perfect mani sometimes takes a back seat to a 70 page group project. :) 

To begin, here's a picture of my sweet girl, Riley. Expect to see lots of her on here, she is my 'baby Boxer.' Notice her nails are festive green for St. Patrick's Day celebrating! Doesn't she look so excited!
Riley Worm

Today I have plans to work on a new manicure, I just bought some new polishes at Sally's yesterday so I have been excited to try them out. I will also be on Spring Break this week so I will have lots of time to experiment! 

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