Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love Sally!

Hi kids! I just did a new tape/stripe mani and pedi, but I'm unable to get good pictures, so I will just share with you my recent purchases:

I went to Sally's on Saturday and this is what I chose:
China Glaze | Diva Bride
China Glaze | Sun Worshipper
China Glaze | Pool Party
Finger Paints | Tiffany Imposter
China Glaze | Turned Up Turquoise

I have been on the prowl for the perfect nude. Every time I pick one out, it is either too pink, too white, too brown, too peachy. CG Diva Bride may be my new go-to. I used it tonight and so far I think it looks gorgeous. We will see what it looks like tomorrow.

I have been wanting a minty-blue for a while now (ever since I ordered one from Avon and they sent me a discontinued light blue instead! It wasn't worth the hassle of returning for $2.99). I haven't tried out Tiffany Imposter yet but I have a few interesting ideas for nail art/stamping to go with it. BTW, Tiffany Imposter is Sally's color of the week (or maybe month?) and you get a free China Glaze base coat. OF COURSE, they were out when I was there, so I could have gotten a rain check but I live too far away to drive all that way for a base coat. ALSO, China Glaze colors were on sale 2 for $10.

And of course I bought THREE neons! I'm not a huge fan of neons because 1) they are usually matte, which I don't care for in a neon polish because I think it should be loud and shiny, and 2) they require a base color and lots of color coats. But for some reason I could not resist these. Probably because it is so warm here and bright colors look kickin' with a tan.

I have a fresh new mani and pedi to share but my little camera takes horrid pics at night so I will wait until daylight tomorrow. It didn't turn out quite like I wanted, and I had to coat some Sally Hanson Disco Ball on it to save it, but I think it will still look awesome.

There may be a trip to Sephora tomorrow afternoon, depending on how my interview goes...wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

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