Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gradient with Two Stamps: An Adventures in Stamping Post

Good morning! This week was a fun challenge. We had several options this week since the vote was a tie: stamping over gradient nails, or using more than one stamp. I thought all week about what I was going to do, well…..on Friday I got my Zoya polishes in the mail (plus Riveting and Smoke and Ashes from my cousin!), and last night I got my new Shany plates! So all ideas went out the window and I of course had to use some of my new goodies. This isn’t anything original, as I have seen lots of variations of this theme,  but I love it and it screams ‘ME!’ Now I wish I was going on vacation somewhere. :)
There was something BLACK in my cleanup brush so you can see the flubs around my little finger and my thumb…not sure what happened there..!
What I used:
Orly | Top2Bottom, China Glaze | Sun Worshipper, Zoya | Kimber, China Glaze | Riveting, Sally Hansen | Black Out, NYC Top Coat
Plates: SH19 and m26
There was some discussion in the group as to what designs all of us do on our right hands; I usually match my designs but if the image is one that is hard to get centered I usually do something else. For example, for the Cardinals mani I did I just did a skittles mani with the colors I used. For this mani, my right hand is just painted with China Glaze | Riveting – a gorgeous eye catching color! So that’s what I do. What do you guys do?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Are you on your way to the caribbean islands?? xD I loved it, looks like sunset to me! Nice sponging lol much better than mine :) Kisses??


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