Sunday, April 29, 2012

Queen’s Day: An Adventures in Stamping Post

Good afternoon! Are all of you having as lazy of a Sunday as I have had? Meant to study all day – got two assignments finished then got sucked into My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – Holy cow! Does anyone else ever watch that?
Anyway, for today’s challenge, the theme was Queen’s Day, which is a Dutch holiday. On this day the Dutch celebrate their Queen by wearing the colors of the flag (red, white, and blue) and orange, the official color of the Queen and I think there is also a big flea market?  I didn’t have a suitable blue for red, white, and blue, and I don’t have any crown stamps. So I went with the orange/celebration/party theme.
(If my understanding/interpretation of the holiday is wrong please tell me!)

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The orange is actually a neon but unfortunately is a little camera shy. I stamped using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes with a Shany plate, that looks like confetti-shredded glitter. Then a light coat of WnW Party of Five Glitters. I am trying to stay away from glitters for a few days but couldn’t help myself, I thought glitter was appropriate for this mani.
This was fun to do and I am glad I participated! The Adventures in Stamping group is a great group of ladies and it was fun to celebrate a holiday that means something to someone in another country. So, Happy Queen’s Day! :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. 1. I love this mani! Before I read the post I didn't even realize you had used a stamp! I thought it was all crazy glitter. Love it.
    2. I watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I am obsessed. Tonight starts the American version too. Can't wait. Haha.

    1. Oh i missed the american version bc of mad men but want to catch it!! I am just amazed at that show lol!

  2. Wow, that stamp is amazing! It really does look like big shard style glitter. Plus more glitter! Yay!

    1. Its pretty cool isn't it! Now I will have to use it more!

  3. Looks great and you are totally right, we celebrate the queens birthday one big party day and the night before too, with music everywhere on the streets and bars and flea markets, and a lot of people dress up with something orange or red/white/blue just having fun and having a drink for those who like that ;)

    Your nails are real party nails :)

    1. Sounds like fun! :) Hope you had fun celebrating! ;) Thank you!


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