Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Orly Oui, Glitterized!

Once again, a mani that did not turn out as I wanted – but I still love anyway! I know I just did a glitter tip mani last week, but I can’t help myself! Orly Oui is my most favorite color of ALL TIME, forever, and ever! Seriously, I love it. I wanted to stamp on Oui with another purple, but the gold shimmer is too dominant so the stamping got totally lost. So, when in doubt, use GLITTER!
This picture shows how it looks in shade and sunlight – and HOLY COW my cleaning up sucks! It always looks great until I take closeup shots. :)
Here’s what I used:
Orly | Top2Bottom, Sally Hanson | Ring-a-Ding!, Orly | Oui, Ulta | Plum Perfect, NYC Top Coat

I’m sure you all took advantage of the Zoya Share the Love program – I now have coupons for TWO free polishes! I am splitting them up into two orders, then ordering two more to get free shipping (I would rather pay $8 for a polish than $7 for shipping, ja?) So far on my list I have Apple, Kimber, and Sooki. There is also a navy color with some micro glitters, I think, that I want…any other suggestions? What are your faves?

Thanks for reading! My next mani I have coming up is going to be so awesome, and will NOT be glitter gradiant/tips! I promise! :) Let’s just say I am a big baseball fan and the STL Cardinals are my team, baby!


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