Sunday, May 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 13: Animal Print!

Oooooo my favorite!! When I first got my stamping kit, the only stamp I would use over and over is the leopard. I just love it. This leopard is from my Shany plates. I like it because the spots are a lot smaller and more compacted.


I know what you are thinking – what is with those silly stripes? Don’t they remind you of knee high athletic socks? LOL! I had wanted to stamp with hot pink, and I couldn’t find the particular plate I wanted. Really, where could it be? Anyway, I used a different stamp, you couldn’t even see it, so I attempted to go over it with nail art polish. I stopped at the two stripes. I didn’t want to try anything else and mess it up. Then I added Milani Hot Pink glitter, which I wish now I had left off. But over all I like it. I still think KNEE HIGH SOCKS when I look at it. That would be a cute idea for a mani sometime, wouldn’t it?


Check out the other animal prints today! Yay!



  1. LOL. I didn't think knee high socks until you said it. I love the pink with this.

    1. Hehe. Funny isn't it!! Pink rocks with leopard!!

  2. I have done mani's similar to this many times, I just love gold/black & gold/brown animal print combos! This is awesome!
    p.s. you're nails are growing so fast! :O

    1. OMG I know! However I did a group of manis two weeks ago before the challenge, this latest batch is just from last weekend. I actually go polishless about 3 days a week which seems to help - but I had a break last week and used superglue to save it! LOL!

  3. i love it, I love the leopard and pink

  4. Love the leopard over the gold! I think knee socks nails would be adorable!!


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