Saturday, May 19, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 18: Half Moons!

Catching up with yesterday’s challenge. Half moons. I thought this was going to be easy peasy pie. NOPE. The reinforcements did not work on me. Not sure what I did wrong but they looked awful. The lines are smudgy, smeary, not clean and crisp. Oh well. I love the color combo I chose. Zoya Tosca is the reddish/coralish/pinkish color and I used Zoya Shay as the nude. Not my favorite nude, but it’s still a nice color. I really like the half moon trend so I may have to try again sometime. Especially since I have 2000 reinforcements to use.DSCF0998
Tosca is a wonderful pedi color. My toes look awesome. I think I’m going to remove these half moons and do all Tosca. Maybe I’ll do that new cocktail mani the China Glaze is promoting. You do your thumb, pointer, and middle finger with and eye catching color on your ‘cocktail’ hand, and paint all the rest a different color.
Later today is galaxies! Now that is mani I LOVE! Check out what the other girls have been up to.
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  1. Good job catching up! Sorry the reinforcement stickers didn't work for you. The color combo does look great though! I love Zoya!

    1. gosh me too! everytime i see a color i don't have i want to buy it! i am going to try the reinforcements again sometime.


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