Friday, May 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 4: Green!

I was a little worried about this one! In case you have not forgotten the nightmare of the last Zoya Apple mani, here it is. I think I redeemed myself! I love this color so much, though I was just at Ulta and I spied Zoya Ivanka –yeah, I might like that one a little more. I guess I need both, really. So here’s Apple!
green 1
Maybe I could have used another coat; these pics are 2 coats. On my middle finger I used some nail art polish and I tried to put some neon yellow dots  but they are too sheer. You know me, I was not going to start over, especially since my lines turned out pretty good! I must sacrifice bad dots for good lines. lol.
I like this pic better, it shows the light shining through the gem. Ooooh pretty! :)
green 2
Guys, in case I have not mentioned before, my job requires me to handle paper, like, a LOT. So I get some paper cuts and scrapes on my fingers a lot. I will try to crop them out as much as I can but sometimes they will be visible. So sorry!
I love green, so can’t wait to see what the other girls cooked up today! Check ‘em out!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh that accent nail is awesome! Dude you seriously need to disable your word verification! I can't see the letters!! I'm old!


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