Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 31: Inspired by your favorite challenge!

Today I am going to show you one of Kelsie’s challenge manis, recreated by moi. Kelsie’s manis are gosh darn perfect every time. I mean, it was so hard to choose one of hers to do because A) she is infinitely talented in nail art and there were so many I admired and B) I also had to choose one that was within my skill level! :)
My first attempt at Half Moons on Day 18 was sort of a fail. This time, they turned out much much better. Using Kelsie’s Day 18 mani for inspiration, here’s my recreation:
I didn’t have good light for photos but you don’t really  need it; you can all see what it is! I painted my nails white using Spoiled Correction Tape, I stamped zebra designs using Sinful Colors Black Out, and then I tried three coral polishes before I had to settle on this orangey red Sally Hansen Insti Dry in Sonic Boom. All of my coral polishes were too sheer and you could see the zebra through them.
Here’s is Kelsie’s beautiful mani, which can be found here.
All of her manis are simply gorgeous and I am so envious of her perfection! I feel as though I just slap-dash crap on my nails all the time.
I still have quite a few challenge manis to catch up on, and I will get to them soon! I started my summer class this week and already SWAMPED. Boo!
Check out Kelsie, Stephanie, Amanda and Jess!
Thank you all for following me thru this challenge! I have to say it was pretty hard and am not ready to jump into any other challenges for a looooong time!!


  1. This is cute! I like the red-orange.

    1. thank u! i loved kelsie's with the coral but i am still on the hunt for the perfect coral polish :)

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for doing the challenge with me it was so fun :) ... And I totally understand being in classes right now, I'm in 3 courses at the moment so I was sort of relieved to have this challenge completed so I can get to work lol.

    1. it was fun!!! :) though i wish i could have dedicated more time to each mani. i still have 5 more to do!! eek! :) thanks for the inspiration too BTW!

  3. Oh I love this. I loved it when Kelsie done it and you've recreated it beautifully, I love the orangey red.

    1. Thank you Katie! I absolutely loved the original.


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