Thursday, May 3, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 3: Yellow!

Hello and good afternoon! I am apologizing in advance for the paper cut I have on my index finger, it is getting super irritated from all the nail polish remover…ANYWAY, on to the business of the day:  I have a cute one to share today. I own ONE yellow polish. And it is a nail art polish. I could not see the sense in attemping to paint my whole nail with a nail art brush. So, here’s what I did:
yellow day 3
yellow day 3 2

I wish I had known how easy it is to do a French tip with a nail art brush! It was SO EASY! Even I could do it!This would have saved me years of heartache. Those french tip strips have never worked for me.
And, no clean up required!You know not everything could turn out the way I wanted, so my flower got a little sloppy drunk looking. Kinda wishing now I had stamped something, but I had grand ideas for this gem and those white dots - wellll....I need to remember that my nails are much smaller than I imagine in my head. 

Miracle of miracles, I 'think' I figured out how to finally schedule posts and actually have them post when I want! It's the simple things, really...
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  1. Such a cute french.. the flower is a super cute touch! I know exactly what you mean though when you imagine you're design on larger nails than you actually have.. happens to me all the time lol

  2. Ooh LOVE the yellow tips!! So cute!

  3. thanks guys! i am really bummed about the flower, i will have to try this one again.

  4. I love funkys! This came out really great!

    1. Thanks! I love funky frenches too!! Whenever I used to get acrylics (years ago) I used to get black tips. They thought I was crazy then!


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