Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 31: Inspired by your favorite challenge!

Today I am going to show you one of Kelsie’s challenge manis, recreated by moi. Kelsie’s manis are gosh darn perfect every time. I mean, it was so hard to choose one of hers to do because A) she is infinitely talented in nail art and there were so many I admired and B) I also had to choose one that was within my skill level! :)
My first attempt at Half Moons on Day 18 was sort of a fail. This time, they turned out much much better. Using Kelsie’s Day 18 mani for inspiration, here’s my recreation:
I didn’t have good light for photos but you don’t really  need it; you can all see what it is! I painted my nails white using Spoiled Correction Tape, I stamped zebra designs using Sinful Colors Black Out, and then I tried three coral polishes before I had to settle on this orangey red Sally Hansen Insti Dry in Sonic Boom. All of my coral polishes were too sheer and you could see the zebra through them.
Here’s is Kelsie’s beautiful mani, which can be found here.
All of her manis are simply gorgeous and I am so envious of her perfection! I feel as though I just slap-dash crap on my nails all the time.
I still have quite a few challenge manis to catch up on, and I will get to them soon! I started my summer class this week and already SWAMPED. Boo!
Check out Kelsie, Stephanie, Amanda and Jess!
Thank you all for following me thru this challenge! I have to say it was pretty hard and am not ready to jump into any other challenges for a looooong time!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 24: Inspired by a Book!

Once again, so many choices! I love to read! I was going to do an owl mani because my Nook has a really cute owl skin, but since the new Sookie Stackhouse book came out last week I decided to do Sookie Stackhouse! There were so many ideas I had for this one I had to cut them down to only 5.
If you do not watch True Blood or if you are working your way thru the book series by Charlaine Harris, don’t read any more unless you want to know what happens!
The thumb of course supposed to be teeth marks and blood, using Zoya Sooki for the blood!
The pointer finger represents Bob, Amelia’s boyfriend who was turned into a cat.
The middle finger is meant to be Diantha, Mr. Cataliades’s niece (a demon). But also reminded me of Sookie just cuz she’s sexy!
The ring finger is the lips from the TV series -  I tried to do smoke but you get the idea.
The pinky is just moon and stars, representing all the supernatural things in the books.
Other ideas I had: a bikini because Sookie likes to lay in her lounge chair and tan; a witch for Amelia; wings because Sookie is part fairy; a dog/wolf thing for the werewolves; etc etc.
I topped everything with a healthy coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball, because all of the books have glitter on the covers.
The purple base is Orly Mysterious Curse – appropriate name, no?
Not quite the way I wanted them to turn out but still pretty cute regardless.
So that’s my catch up for the day; I apologize the past 3 manis were done so hurredly and not a clean and neat as I want to achieve.
Please check out Kelsie, Stephanie, Amanda and Jess’s blogs to see what they are up to!

31 Day Challenge: Day 23: Inspired by a Movie!

This was hard to pick – there are so many movies I love and I had so many ideas. But I decided to go with my initial idea: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Ever since I had bought Fingerpaints Tiffany Imposter I wanted to do something with this theme…of course I wasn’t the only one with this idea because there have been tons of Tiffany inspired manis, using CG For Audrey. I thought I was really original! Ha! Anyways, I did them anyway.
Again, cuticle oil. Sorry but my hands are a mess – I have been neglecting them in my time off!
I used Fingerpaints Tiffany Imposter for the blue, I dotted Pure Ice Silver Mercedes for the necklaces, and of course stick on gems. The pink is Zoya Renee (a lovely hot pink jelly!) and I stamped with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and Sinful Colors Black on Black.
I wished I had done these a little neater; they always turn out so much cuter in my head.
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31 Day Challenge: Day 22: Inspired by a Song!

I’m back with a few quick posts. I tried to do these kindof in a rush so I apologize for the cuticle oil and the messy polish around the cuticles. I have been so so so busy which you may know if you read my post from last week.
Anyway, this challenge was ‘inspired by a song.’ I don’t really know the words to many songs, and I mostly listen to Deadmau5 and Skrillex which have no words really so I decided to do a new Nicki Minaj song, ‘Starships.’ This song is probably going to be my summer anthem, you know what I mean? Every time you hear it you roll the windows down and the speakers up?
The lyrics talk about going to the beach, and in the video Nicki is on the beach as well. So I did little beach nails.
Originally I wanted to do starships but I really am not good at free hand nail art. So I did beaches.
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Thanks for coming!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Update

I know you all are just waiting in extreme anticipation for me to catch up on this challenge. So sorry! I am on break from school, however I am even busier than I was during finals! My cousin just shot a local commercial for a local gym; she has lost over 130 pounds and is now a bodybuilder. So I have been shopping with her, doing her nails, her makeup, going with her to her hair appointment, and I went with her to the commercial shoot yesterday. Then, I have been dealing with my insurance company over hail damage on my car, and now my cousin's husband backed into my car while it was parked at their house, so now I'm starting all over again with the estimates and running around. Plus, I have had two job interviews this week so now is not really the time to be running around with crazy nails. AH! Anyway I know you all really wanted to hear about all of this but I just wanted to let you know that I will be catching up on the challenge soon!
Thanks for sticking around!

Monday, May 21, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 21: Inspired by a Color!

I have so many favorite colors and polishes it was hard to figure out what I wanted to do until I spied it: Claire’s Candy Shop. I bought it a month or two ago and has sat untried until yesterday. Apparently it is a ‘dupe’ for a Deborah Lippmann polish by the same name. I don’t own the Deborah Lippmann (and never will, I draw the line at $18 for a bottle of polish) but the Claire’s is so darn cute.
This is my attempt at drawing a lollipop. My free hand skills are a little crude but it turned out okay. Would you know that was a lollipop if I didn’t tell you? Be honest! I thought I could ‘swirl’ some wet polish in the center, but no I couldn’t. Be proud of me that I messed this up once, and I actually removed it and tried again instead of saying Eff it! lol.
I gave Candy Shop a little extra boost with Sephora by OPI’s Sparkle-tacular. That polish is just dripping with glitters. One brushstroke and you’re covered.
My cuticles are so damn dried out from all these manis. I was actually going to keep this mani on until this happened:
It was like I just FORGOT I had just painted my nails. D’oh!
I think I might try this again. I wish I had a stamping plate with lollipops, candy, etc. I’ve seen them but don’t own them. :(
Check out the other inspirations today!
Thanks for coming by!
PS I can’t believe there are only 10 days left in this challenge! May is flying by!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 20: Water Marble!

There are no words to describe the anguish and frustrations I felt when attempting water marbling. I had a beautiful base mani of Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in Love on from yesterday (new all-time fave) that got ruined! I tried to water marble using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Wet Concrete, CG Turned Up Turquoise, and CG Refresh-mint. DISASTER. I think I had one nail that could have passed, but wanted to try again.
This time I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Wet Concrete, and Ulta Plum Perfect and Blue Streak. Same results. I didn’t want to waste any more polish so I just have a water marbled accent nail to show you. I suspect that this is one of those things that once the whole thing would have been cleaned up it would have turned out awesome. Kindof like when I stamp: that first nail always looks meh but when you are all done and top coat it, it looks kick ass.
Needless to say, I love the look of water marbling but I am a very impatient person so I don’t think this is something I will try in the near future. I can’t wait to see the other girls’s water marbles though, I have seen so many beautiful water marbles out there.
I just realized now that maybe my links to the other girls’s posts haven’t been working. I am so sorry about that. Let me know if these work.
Have a happy Sunday and come back tomorrow for Inspired by a Color!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 19: Galaxies!

This was a trend that I had never seen nor heard of until I started blogging. I thought it looked sooo hard to do – after a quick Google search, I discovered this is SO easy to do and it really is super cute! I think it would be really hard to mess this up since there is no precise design you have to follow.
The base is CG Smoke and Ashes, then I sponged with a whole bunch of colors. Mint, turquoise, a coral, a shimmery blue, white dots for stars, and all topped with glitter. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball.
I feel as though I redeemed myself from that horrid tribal print I did yesterday. These galaxy nails are so cute, so easy to do, and I would definitely try this look again. I am looking forward to seeing how the other girls’s galaxies turned out!
Thanks for coming by!

31 Day Challenge: Day 18: Half Moons!

Catching up with yesterday’s challenge. Half moons. I thought this was going to be easy peasy pie. NOPE. The reinforcements did not work on me. Not sure what I did wrong but they looked awful. The lines are smudgy, smeary, not clean and crisp. Oh well. I love the color combo I chose. Zoya Tosca is the reddish/coralish/pinkish color and I used Zoya Shay as the nude. Not my favorite nude, but it’s still a nice color. I really like the half moon trend so I may have to try again sometime. Especially since I have 2000 reinforcements to use.DSCF0998
Tosca is a wonderful pedi color. My toes look awesome. I think I’m going to remove these half moons and do all Tosca. Maybe I’ll do that new cocktail mani the China Glaze is promoting. You do your thumb, pointer, and middle finger with and eye catching color on your ‘cocktail’ hand, and paint all the rest a different color.
Later today is galaxies! Now that is mani I LOVE! Check out what the other girls have been up to.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 16: Tribal Print!

Tribal nails. Eh not my favorite trend, and not my style at all. Plus it was hard to do!! :)
Here’s the pics. I used lots of different color for the stripes (I built on top of my stripe mani) and I used a black sharpie for the stripes/dots/etc. I didn’t even bother top coating this because I could not wait to remove it.
Anyway, I guess it turned out okay. Another mani that looks awful up close but pretty good at a distance.
I am laughing at my middle finger. Not sure what I was trying to do there.
So while this trend is not for me, I think other tribal manis I have seen are so well done and look so cool. To me, this mani was a FAIL. Maybe I cursed myself by using that horrid stripe mani as a base.
This is the last of my catch up posts for now, thanks for coming by! Check out the other girls’s half moon manis from today, and check back tomorrow for my half moons, and galaxy nails!

31 Day Challenge: Day 15: Delicate Print!

I really didn’t know what to do for this challenge, so I stamped. My stamping collection is pretty limited, and I’ve seen this design lots of times, but here it is again. I actually like it. I’ve been dying to try out this base polish. I bought it on a whim at Ulta, only to find that when my Zoya shipment came they were nearly identical. This is OPI Significant Other Color, and the similar Zoya is Adina. Sometime maybe I will compare them. Of course I don’t think I could part with either. The color is gorgeous.
I suck at describing colors, but it is a violet iridescent duochrome (I think that is what is would be called.) Two coats in these pics. I stamped with Ulta Plum Perfect.
This pic shows some of the color shift in this polish. I just love it.
This was supposed to be posted Tuesday, so go back and look at the other girls’s delicate prints and check out what they have today!

31 Day Challenge: Day 14: Flowers!

I am really happy with the way this mani turned out! I’m not a flowery person but this, I will definitely do again. I’m thinking it would be a super cute pedi.
This challenge is fun because it gives me an opportunity to play with a bunch of untried polishes. The base for this mani is Zoya Parker (one of three nudes I bought during the Earth Day promotion), the flowers are CG Riveting, Nicole by OPI Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi (a new fave!) and dots are CG Turned up Turquoise.
My new favorite top coat: Color Club. Not sure exactly what it is, but it came with my Take Wing Collection. It is SUPER SHINY and dries really fast.
I’ve been playing around with hand poses etc, I think I prefer the pictures without the nail polish bottles. I always felt like I would squeeze onto it for dear life. I think I’ll be bottle-less for the time being.
The other girls did flower last Monday, but go see what they have for today!
Thanks for coming by!

31 Day Challenge: Day 12: Stripes!

I’m baaack! I am so sorry that I didn’t keep up on the daily challenge, but unfortunately I had a lot of things going on last weekend that I didn’t really anticipate, so I didn’t have the time to dedicate to doing nails. But, I am going to catch up, as promised!
Stripes. UGH! I thought this would be easier, but apparently I suck at tape manis and my free hand leaves something to be desired. I love the color combo, but the lines are too unclean. However, you know how it goes: it still looked pretty good on my hands, just don’t look too close! I only have one picture because I wasn’t impressed with any of my photos. But you get the idea:
This is one I’d like to try again sometime. My pinky and ring finger I tried with tape, my middle finger, pointer, and thumb were freehand. As you can see, not much difference. Oh well!
My partner’s in crime:
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 17: Glitter!

Sorry I have been slacking so much on this challenge! I was crazy crazy busy last weekend due to my brother's graduation and a huge group project due (that I worked on for TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT on Sunday) plus final exams, etc, and I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel so I will be able to keep up and play catch up for the challenge! This was a scheduled post otherwise wouldn't have had anything for today either. :(
glitter 2

Glitter! I have been waiting for this day, as if it matters because I incorporate glitter somehow into nearly every mani I do. I just love it!  I hate the removal, though, so of course I did my favorite technique: Glitter tips/gradient!
The first picture is taken outside without flash, the other is inside with flash. I did two coats of Sephora by OPI Nonfat Soy Half Caff. I probably don’t mention it often, but after glitters, my second favorite polishes are nudes. This polish in particular is probably one of my top 5. I wonder if they still make it, I love it so much I should by another bottle. I wanted something muted so the glitter really stands out (I hate doing full nail glitter, it is SO hard to remove and so rough on your nails!).

glitter 1
The glitter is Spoiled Pet My Peacock. A new purchase, and I love it! Well, I love all glitter so whatever.
Check out all the glittering manis on the other girls’s pages today! I can’t wait to see all the sparkle!
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Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 13: Animal Print!

Oooooo my favorite!! When I first got my stamping kit, the only stamp I would use over and over is the leopard. I just love it. This leopard is from my Shany plates. I like it because the spots are a lot smaller and more compacted.


I know what you are thinking – what is with those silly stripes? Don’t they remind you of knee high athletic socks? LOL! I had wanted to stamp with hot pink, and I couldn’t find the particular plate I wanted. Really, where could it be? Anyway, I used a different stamp, you couldn’t even see it, so I attempted to go over it with nail art polish. I stopped at the two stripes. I didn’t want to try anything else and mess it up. Then I added Milani Hot Pink glitter, which I wish now I had left off. But over all I like it. I still think KNEE HIGH SOCKS when I look at it. That would be a cute idea for a mani sometime, wouldn’t it?


Check out the other animal prints today! Yay!


Stripes Will Be Up Later Today! :)

Sorry I missed the stripes yesterday folks. I thought I would have time to get it done yesterday but ended up spending the whole day with my family celebrating my little brother's graduation. And today I have a huge group project to do before I get to do any nails. :/ Check back later today, and I will have yesterday's mani and today's up as well!
Thanks! Erin

Friday, May 11, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 11: Polka Dots!

Hello! Thank God its Friday, right?No only am I excited about my guest post at The Manicured Monkey today, but I am also excited because I am going to a Cardinals game tonight. My first game in like 2 years! So excited! Then tomorrow I am heading to my brother’s school for his college graduation! So I have a fun filled jam packed weekend. On top of it, Sunday is Mother’s Day and next week is my last week of classes so I am frantically trying to get projects done. Hopefully I will be on top of the challenge until Wednesday, then things will die down and I will really have time to dedicate to some nail art! Which is good, because in case you hadn’t noticed that last week is a bear….water marble, anyone? a mani based on a song?? eek!

Well, here’s the polka dots. I don’t have a very steady hand or an eye for balance so this was my second attempt. I had to paint my pinky black because the dots looked awful but I like the pinky accent nail.

Ignore those dark cuticles would you? One day I will discover the secret. Until then, just look at that beautiful Zoya! Zoya Barbie, another I bought in part because of he name. Would you believe that before I started this blog I owned ONE pink polish?? I don’t have anything against pink, but I usually pick up more corals/oranges instead of pinks.

I leave you with a picture of my thumb because so you can see the slight shimmer in Barbie. I had to wear 3 coats. I think this color is so cute, very retro.
Can’t wait to see the polka dots! I sure wish I was better at it but I will just have to admire everyone else’s gorgeous dots instead!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 10: Gradient!

Does this mani remind you of something? Yesterday’s rainbow mani, perhaps? I didn’t realize how similar they were until I was editing photos! When I like something, I really like it and of course it didn’t help that I did this mani immediately after the rainbow mani. I used Zoya Zuza, Apple, and one of my new Color Club polishes. Blues/greens are my favorite so no surprise I was drawn to these colors. I topped it all with Spoiled Pet my Peacock, because these colors reminded me of peacock feathers. I wish I had a cool feather stamp or peacock design.
Enough talk, here’s the pics:
Do you see again the troubles I have with these type of polishes? My cuticle areas are a mess! Just ignore that part and look at the GLITTER!
I really liked this, I hated to remove it. Tomorrow is polka dots, so be sure to come back tomorrow and in the mean time, check out my partners in crime!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 9: Rainbow!

Today’s challenge was rainbow. I interpreted this to mean simply a rainbow of colors, since we are still in the colors portion of the challenge. Thank goodness, because I absolutely suck as using nail art brushes so drawing a rainbow would have been very interesting.
Here goes:
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to clean up foil/metallic/glass fleck polishes??? Every darn time they are nearly impossible to remove from my cuticles, and they leave shimmer residue all over my skin! So I apologize for the cuticle-y polish-y mess, but I had the hardest time getting it cleaned up. As you can see, my thumb turned out nice so I suspect it is the type of polishes I used! I use regular acetone and makeup brushes, but it’s not working with me on this!
For this mani I used a series of Color Club polishes which I believe might be a new summer release for a series called “Take Wing.” I was really impressed with these; they are my first Color Clubs, and they were only $8 for the whole set of 8 (7?) polishes! I also used Zoya Sooki for the red, and Apple for the green. Those four fingers were topped with Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada. My thumb is Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled. I think that Ulta cremes are my favorites, they formulas are excellent and the polishes always look perfect. Then Spoiled Correction Tape dotted on for clouds.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 8: Metallic!

I interpreted today’s theme to mean any polish that has a metallic finish. Well, I certainly had my pick! I have so many with metallic finishes, but in the end I thought a classic metallic gold would be perfect for today. I used Ulta High Roller, and I topped it with Pure Ice Gold Mist. Gold Mist is a fabulous color and if you don’t have it you should go get it right now. It’s a great layering polish.
Here’s the pics. Nothing fancy today. I was lacking inspiration, didn’t feel like taping or dotting or stamping. I was really more focused on cleaning up my cuticles, as you will see the next few days I am having troubles with this for some reason. I think it is because they are getting so dry even though I am going through cuticle oil and cuticle cream like crazy. Anyway…
No gems today! No gems for the next week either! :)
Check out the other girl’s manis today! I can’t wait to see what they came up with today since I was super simple today.

Monday, May 7, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 7: Black and White!

Hey!! How is everyone doing today? Are you enjoying the challenge so far? I have to admit, it certainly is challenging! :) But fun too, and I am always up for a good challenge! Today is black and white, which I was not very excited about because I’m not a big fan of black and white color schemes. I always think of polka dots, but wanted to do something else. I’ve seen variations on this theme around on Pinterest, and I love it.
My thumb, middle finger, and pinky are free handed with nail art polishes and my index finger and ring finger were stamped with a Shany plate, using Spoiled Correction Tape and China Glaze Smoke and Ashes. I wish I had used a regular black polish but it turned out okay. Of course, a GEM on my thumb! :) I love the look of free-handed leopard spots but I need lots of practice.
While this isn’t an exact Monkey See, Monkey Do, I was ‘pin-spired’ by this mani which linked to here.
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the rest of the challenge participants today!

Also don't forget the MSMD manis today! While I didn't really 100% participate, I know they cooked up something awesome today!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 6: Violet!

Hello and good afternoon! Did you all have fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo yesterday? I am a big dull dud and spend my afternoon filling out job applications and working on my International Business Operations final project, which is kinda cool because it requires me doing research on Zara, a wonderful clothing store that I wish we had here, and I just found out you can order online finally!!! Yay! Oh and of course I've been working on the Challenge!
Today is a double hit because it also satisfies the requirements of the Adventures in Stamping challenge this week: unnatural animals! So, I did violet nails, with blue zebra stripes.
Two more Zoyas today! They are probably my favorites of the moment. But I also own the most of them of any other brand so maybe that’s why. They have fantastic sales so I am always sure to take advantage! Speaking of sales, I found the entire Color Club Take Wing collection this weekend for $8! $8!!!!! Those colors are gorgeous and I'm so glad I bought them. Expect to see lots of them coming up. :)
This is Zoya Zara (purple) and Zuza (blue). I topped my ring finger with Pure Ice Cheatin’. I loved this mani! This is really my style as far as my nail art goes. I am not super inventive or adventurous. :)
I hope you like it! Check out the other girls’s violet nails today!
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